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Beauty Models School

Hair, Nails, Facials, Eyelash Extension we offer many courses and you can start as soon as you enroll! Full time or Part time we offer flexible hours!

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Schedule a tour, contact us or call us at 817-801-3286 with any questions you may have.

Retro Styled Beauty Salon

About Beauty Models School

Beauty Models School has been a family owned and operated school for over 20 years! We may not look like much but we've helped thousands of students over the years graduate and get their licenses. We offer a wide range of courses and services to meet all your needs. Let us help you get a certified TDLR license and start your beauty industry journey today!

Learn How to Be a Beauty Professional Today

Our Courses

  • (Hair,Nail,Facial,Eyelash,Waxing)

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    4,500 US dollars
  • (Nails)

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    2,000 US dollars
  • Esthetician(Facial,Eyelash,Waxing)

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    2,500 US dollars
  • Eyelash Extension

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    1,700 US dollars
  • (Nails + Facial)

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    4,500 US dollars

Students Work

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919 W Pioneer Pkwy

Arlington, Tx 76013


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